[admin post] Admin Post: Amnesty is open!

May. 24th, 2018 10:46 pm
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Hello and welcome to the amnesty round! From now until the next round, so, yeah, the next year or so, feel free to post any outstanding entries to the comm. That includes entries from any round that were not posted, as well as bonus fics, if your prompt was just too good to do once!

If you did not finish in the 2018 round and did not notify a mod, you can regain your eligibility for the 2019 round by posting in this period. No need to notify us, even if you defaulted previously; just post and we'll take care of the rest!

If you did notify a mod, you'll be eligible for the next round whether or not you post during the amnesty period, but feel free to post anyway, if you are inspired to finish at any point!

Please follow the standard guidelines. As always, remember your warnings statement and don't tag your own posts.

Thank you all again for the highly successful return of the fest!

Happy posting!
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What an excellent collection of crossovers. Well done everyone!
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[admin post] Admin Post: The end!

May. 21st, 2018 12:03 am
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And there we have it! The challenge is closed for new entries! We'll be back in a few days with the timeline for the masterlist and amnesty!

Thank you all for a successful fest!
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Title: To Hunt Wolves (You Need Wolves)
Author: jedibuttercup
Prompt: Brian O'Conner goes into a bar and meets... Herc Hansen (Pacific Rim)!
Fandoms: Fast and the Furious (circa #6), Pacific Rim (2013)
Word count: 1800 words
Rating/Contents: PG
Pairings: none/canon
Warnings: none
Summary: The closest pub to the Jaeger Academy on Kodiak Island was nothing really to write home about, even if Herc had still had anyone to write to apart from his twelve year old son Chuck.

To Hunt Wolves (You Need Wolves) )
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Title: Scar by scar
Author: asra
Prompt: James Norrington goes into a bar and meets Dana Scully.
Fandoms: Pirates of the Caribbean, The X-Files.
Word count: 615
Rating: PG
Warning: None.
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Title: liar, lawyer
Author: graveexcitement
Prompt: Kokichi Ouma goes into a bar and meets... Terezi Pyrope!
Fandoms: Dangan Ronpa, Homestuck
Word count: 1423
Rating/Contents: General audiences; no content warnings apply, spoilers for New Danganronpa V3.
A liar and a legislacerator converse.
“Hey, hey, Pyrope-chan -” Kokichi faux-gasped. “I can’t believe you don’t recognize me! I’m Batman, can’t you see?”

“I cannot!” said Pyrope. “But I could be blind and deaf and dumb and still smell a liar!”
On AO3: liar, lawyer

[admin post] Admin Post: Almost there...

May. 20th, 2018 10:22 pm
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Almost time! You have about one and a half hours remaining to submit your entries or to notify a mod that you will be unable to complete it! You have until 11:59pm PDT tonight!

If you commented or PMed to tell us you were dropping out, we have your names recorded. You are fine even if you don't hear back from us!

Also note that your entry may not be approved immediately! As long as your entry is in the queue by the deadline, you've made it. If you are asked to change something, or if your entry does not appear on the community by midnight, don't worry! All that matters is having submitted.

Please note that when you're submitting, you make sure to add content notes to your entry; as per the posting guidelines, you must warn if your entry contains major character death, graphic violence, and/or non-con, but you're welcome to add other warnings as you see fit. If your story requires no warnings, write "no warnings apply". This is mandatory and non-negotiable.

Enjoy the remainder of the time!

Bylaw #13

May. 21st, 2018 12:04 am
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Title: Bylaw #13
Author: [personal profile] ereshai 
Prompt: Eric Bittle walks into a bar and meets... Stiles Stilinski!
Fandoms: Check Please!, Teen Wolf
Word count: 2552
Rating/Contents: Teen, no warnings needed.
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[personal profile] melannen
Title: Lacunae
Author: [personal profile] melannen
Prompt: Pin-Lee walks into a bar and meets... Methos!
Fandoms: Murderbot Diaries, Highlander
Word count: 2174 words
Rating/Contents: G; Warnings: None
Pairings: none
Summary: Pin-lee first noticed him because he wasn't there.

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Title: Asset
Kitsey Barbour goes into a bar and meets Poe Dameron.
Star Wars sequel trilogy, The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt.
Word count:
Off-screen non-specified character deaths.

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[personal profile] killabeez
Title: The conditions of a solitary bird
Author: [personal profile] killabeez
Word Count: 2,185
Fandoms: Jeremiah, Highlander the Series
Characters: Jeremiah, Mister Smith, Joe Dawson (Methos cameo)
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Jeremiah walks into a bar and meets Joe Dawson.
Notes: A continuation of this will likely follow shortly.

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Title: In All the Worlds
Author: [personal profile] celeste9
Prompt: Poe Dameron walks into a bar and meets Castiel (Supernatural)
Fandoms: Star Wars/Supernatural
Word count: 2373
Rating/Contents: T, no warnings
Summary: After being ditched on a night out, Poe meets an unusual stranger at the bar.

In All the Worlds
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 Title: Call It Even
Author: Lady Ganesh
Prompt: Magnus Bane goes into a bar and meets...Genjo Sanzo
Fandoms: Saiyuki and Shadowhunters (TV)
Word count: 895
Rating/Contents: General audiences; no warnings apply. Pretty much set outside both canons, though Alec/Magnus is there in the background

On AO3: Call It Even
taste_is_sweet: (A Shield on his Back)
[personal profile] taste_is_sweet
Title: Dear Leo
Author: [personal profile] taste_is_sweet
Prompt: Bucky Barnes goes into a bar and meets...Napoleon Solo
Fandoms: MCU (Captain America Movies), Man from U.N.C.L.E.(2015)
Word count: 8017 words
Rating/Contents: Teen, enthusiastically consensual sex between males with an 11-year age difference (not under age of consent).
Pairings: Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers; Pre-Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers; Bucky Barnes/Napoleon Solo
Napoleon Solo meets Bucky Barnes in 1945. He's the only one who knows it's the first and last time.

(He was fairly certain there were other Clairvoyants who were able to change the future, not just be intimately aware of it. Napoleon was not one of them. Nothing he ever did mattered a good God damn to fate. If it was meant to happen, it would. He'd learned that the hard way, but he'd never forgotten it.)

Dear Leo on AO3
bring_me_sugar: Bruce Campbell being indescribably hot - by cherrygraphx @ eljay (unf - evil dead 2 - by cherrygraphx)
[personal profile] bring_me_sugar
Title: Mythtaken Identity
Author: [personal profile] bring_me_sugar
Prompt: Ash williams goes into a bar and meets . . . Nate Westen!
Fandoms: Ash Vs Evil Dead/Evil Dead Series, Burn Notice
Word count: 529 words
Rating/Contents: PG/T for canon-typical violence, language, references to alcohol and alcohol abuse

Under Here! )
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[personal profile] rebecca_selene
Title: Jinju
Author: [personal profile] rebecca_selene
Word Count: 882
Fandoms: The Handmaiden, The Haunting (1999)
Characters/Pairings: Hideko/Sook-hee, Theo
Rating: PG
Warnings: no warnings needed
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and situations do not belong to me.
Summary: When art student Theo travels to South Korea for an exhibition, she learns of a place that might have answers to questions she isn’t even sure she has.
Notes: Jinju appears to mean “pearl” in Korean; apologies for any mistakes with that translation. Written for the 2018 [community profile] intoabar prompt: Theo (The Haunting) goes into a bar and meets... Lady Hideko (The Handmaiden)!
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Title: A Little Space Booze'll Do Ya
Author: [personal profile] fenellaevangela
Prompt: Rebecca Drysdale goes into a bar and meets . . . Ted Zachariasen!
Fandoms: Rebecca Drysdale is a Time Traveling Lesbian (webseries), Other Space (TV)
Word count: 843 words
Rating/Contents: General Audiences, no warnings needed.

Read on AO3
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Title: All About That Wraith
Author: vexed_wench
Prompt: Dean Winchester goes into a bar and meets... Teyla Emmagan (Stargate Atlantis)!
Fandoms: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
Word count: 794
Rating/Contents: PG
Warnings: No Warnings Apply

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Title: Got Your Back, Kid
Author: Jacquelee
Prompt: Sara Lance goes into a bar and meets... Jet (Avatar the Last Airbender)!
Fandoms: Legends of Tomorrow (and by proxy Arrow), Avatar the Last Airbender
Type of media: Manip, 511x427
Word count: 1507
Rating/Contents: AO3 rating G, graphic depictions of violence / spoilers for Arrow season 6 finale, mentions of alcoholism, mentions of multiple characters' deaths, fighting, canon typical violence (not sure if it counts as graphic or not so I'll warn for it)
Author's Notes: I both made a manip and wrote a fic, as always. Yay for being on track again after I didn't enter anything last time.

Fic and manip here on AO3
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Title: Wish Upon a Stone
Author: [personal profile] laurus_nobilis
Prompt: Bucky Barnes goes into a bar and meets... Dipper Pines!
Fandoms: MCU, Gravity Falls
Word count: 2284
Rating/Contents: G-rated, no warnings apply
Pairings: Gen
Summary: Bucky finds himself in an unknown town, saves a kid from angry bikers, and then his day gets weirder.

Wish Upon a Stone (on AO3)


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