Fic: Off With Their Shirts

Title: Off With Their Shirts
Author: [personal profile] bring_me_sugar
Prompt: Sam Axe goes into the bar and meets...Galavant!
Fandoms:Burn Notice, Galavant
Word count: 1105
Rating/Contents: PG; Adult content
Summary: When Sam is imprisoned in an enchanted, timeless, shirtless gay bar, he meets the bartender - who's just as excited to escape his luckless lot as Sam is.

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Fic: And Stories To Tell

Title: And Stories To Tell
Author: [personal profile] laurus_nobilis
Prompt: Clara Oswald goes into a bar and meets... Varric Tethras!
Fandoms: Doctor Who / Dragon Age: Inquisition
Word count: 1343
Rating/Contents: G; no warnings needed
Summary: Clara goes into the Herald's Rest to people-watch, and finds herself watched instead.
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Fic: Lost and Found at the Same Time

Title: Lost and Found at the Same Time
Author: mizface
Prompt:Blair Sandburg walks into a bar and meets... Carlos the Scientist
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Welcome to Night Vale
Word count: 2362
Rating/Content: G rating. No warnings apply.
Author's Note: Takes place right at the end of the series for Sentinel, and probably a bit after Condos for WtNV.
Summary: Time doesn't work right in Night Vale. Sometimes, that's a good thing.

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Fic: Wolfram & Hart

Title: Wolfram & Hart
Author: Mierke
Prompt: Rebecca Bunch goes into a bar and meets... Angel (Buffy)!
Fandoms: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Word count: 863
Rating/Contents: G. No warnings needed.

Wolfram & Hart
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Fic: What Dreams May Come

Title: What Dreams May Come
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin
Prompt: Quentin Coldwater walks into a bar and meets... Amanita!
Fandoms: The Magicians, Sense8
Word count: 1278 words
Rating/Contents: Teen, no warnings
Summary: Pre-Magicians, mid-season 1 Sense8. Quentin astral travels to meet Neets in her apartment, somewhere around episodes 6-7 of Sense8.