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Title: Missy Goes Into Funland
Author: [personal profile] alcesverdes | Fújur Preux
Prompt: Missy goes into a bar and meets... Steven Universe!
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Steven Universe
Word count: 2108
Rating/Contents: General Audiences / No warnings needed

Read on AO3
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Title: Pinned
Author: Highlander II
Prompt: Harvey Specter goes into a bar and meets Karrin Murphy
Fandoms: Suits & The Dresden Files (Butcher)
Word count: 768
Rating/Contents: Teen+ / PG-13+; No warnings needed
Author Notes: This also fills a prompt at [community profile] fan_flashworks.

This way to the story...
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Title: Better From a Distance
Author: coricomile
Prompt: Evgeni Malkin walks into a bar and meets... Kate Bishop!
Fandoms: Hockey RPF (Pittsburgh Penguins), Hawkeye Comics
Word count: 1,824
Rating/Contents: Teen, No content warnings apply

On AO3
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Title: But I Play Him On TV
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Prompt: Maria Hill walks into a bar and meets… Jensen (The Losers)!
Fandoms: MCU, The Losers
Word count: 2290
Rating/Contents: PG (mild language)/No Warnings Needed
Author Notes: This fic takes place after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but before Avengers: Age of Ultron. Many thanks to 
[ profile] reeby10 for the beta.

Read it on AO3.
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Title: … Sing You To Your Rest
Author: [personal profile] marzipan77
Prompt: Templeton (Faceman) Peck walks into a bar and meets … Captain John Hart!
Fandoms: The A-Team (tv) and Torchwood
Word count: 3008
Summary: What would Captain John do if he met Face in the '80s, when Face was tired of running and vulnerable to Decker and his goons? He is a Time Agent, after all.
Rating/Contents: Teen, for language, innuendo

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Title: Detour in Downton
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Prompt: River Song walks into a bar and meets...Daisy Mason!
Fandoms: Doctor Who (2005), Downton Abbey
Word count: ~2000 words
Rating/Contents: General audiences; no standard warnings apply
Notes: Set after River becomes a professor in Doctor Who. Set post-series for Downton Abbey, using speculation that Daisy leaves Downton Abbey, moves into Mr Mason's farm, and eventually marries Andy Parker. Background Andy/Daisy.
Summary: Stranded in Downton, River Song walks into the Grantham Arms, meets the former Daisy Mason, and makes Daisy's dreams come true.

Dreamwidth | AO3
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Title: My Hero
Author: [personal profile] meridian_rose
Prompt: Cisco Ramon goes into a bar and meets…Declan Porter (Revenge)
Fandoms: The Flash, Revenge
Word Count: 705
Rating/Contents: PG-13. No warnings needed.
Summary: Cisco wanders into the bar hoping to bump into his hero. Declan may have inadvertently met his.

Links: Dreamwidth / Livejournal / AO3


Apr. 9th, 2016 10:49 am
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 Title: Well Met, General
Author: NotYourNormalFangirl (that's me)
Prompt: Susan Ivanova walks into a bar and meets... Leia Organa! 
Fandoms: Babylon 5/Star Wars 
Word count: 527
 General audiences. Mentioned character deaths, almost all of which are canonical.
Found Here:
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Title: Facets
Author: [personal profile] dragonslayer7019
Prompt: Miraculous Ladybug walks into a bar and meets ... Pearl (Steven Universe)
Fandoms: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and Steven Universe
Description: drawing on lined-paper and colored with pencils
Rating/Contents: No content warnings apply
Summary: As Ladybug looked in the mirror, she saw not herself, but her gem double.

Facets - Fanart
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When you have finished your story, please post it to the community. Use the following template when posting your entry:

Word count: (If it's not fic, put what kind of media it is here.)
(You must put something in this space. You must give a rating; you may use the AO3's ratings,'s ratings, or any standardized movie rating system. Cutesy answers will not be accepted.

You must warn if your story contains major character death, graphic violence, and/or non-con. Blackout warnings are acceptable. If your story has no warnings, write "no warnings needed." Anything else is up to you.)

Optionally, you can also include author's notes, a disclaimer, characters/pairings, or a summary.

After your headers, you should either link to your creation or paste it directly into the entry (if you do this, you must use a cut tag). If your story is too big to fit into one entry, do not post multiple entries to the community. Post elsewhere and link to the parts.

Do not tag your post. We will tag your post.

Your post should look something like this:

Title: Back For the First Time
Author: [personal profile] greencanary
Prompt: Kara Thrace walks into a bar and meets... Raina!
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2004), Agents of SHIELD
Word count: 95315 words
Rating/Contents: NC-17, graphic violence, character death, public sex
Pairings: Kara Thrace/Raina, Sam Anders/Phil Coulson, Grant Ward/Gaius Baltar, Melinda May/Laura Roslin
Summary: The second-greatest story ever told.

Part One
Part Two

This community is on moderated posting. Your entry will be checked over by a moderator before being posted. If there is a problem with your submission, we will reject it and give you an explanation. This does not mean we have kicked you out of the challenge. It means you should fix whatever's wrong and resubmit.

In addition (read: not in place of) posting your work to the community, we also strongly encourage you to add it to our collection at the AO3. To add your story to the collection, follow the steps in this tutorial. Our collection is here; the collection name is intoabar.

You must post by 11:59PM CDT, May 7. If you fail to do so and do not notify a mod that you won't be finishing, you will not be eligible for the next round.
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PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE SIGNING UP. You are responsible for the information contained therein.

Other useful links
-LJ signup form
-Collaboration posts: DW version here | LJ version here
-How to sign up for large franchises, including MCU/Star Wars/Star Trek/etc

To sign up, please comment with the following information:

Who goes into the bar?:
What fandom are they from?:
What other fandoms can you write? (Max. 4):

An example:

Username: [personal profile] greencanary
Who goes into the bar?: Kara Thrace
What fandom are they from?: Battlestar Galactica
What other fandoms can you write? (Max. 4): Dragon Age Inquisition, Mythbusters RPF, Blake's 7, Agents of SHIELD

Do not use the comments to this post to ask questions of the mods or to notify us you are dropping out. We will not be monitoring comments to this post. In order to receive your assignment as quickly as possible, please refrain from editing your signup.

Sign ups will be open until 11:59 PM CDT, April 3 (When is that for me?). Please check back around April 6 for your assignment. This post will be updated when all sign ups are distributed.

There may be character spoilers in the comments to this post. Proceed with caution.

If you have any problems, please contact a mod immediately!
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Are you tempted to sign up, but looking for a collaborator? This post is for you!

This is a meet-and-greet post for people looking to collaborate on projects- authors and podficcers, people who want to make comics, fanartists, whoever happens to be in the mood to work with someone else!

Please comment using this handy form:

My name is:
I want to make:
I am looking for someone to make:
My favorite fandoms are:
I enjoy:

The mods will not be assigning partners for you; you must find your own. Get in there and communicate! You can also check out the action on LJ at this post.

If you have already signed up, but you find someone you want to work with here, do not delete your signup. Comment to your original signup(s) with your new information.
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A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar

Signups: March 20 to 11:59 PM CDT, April 3 (When is that for me?)
Prompts Distributed: By April 6
Posting Opens: April 7
Last Day to Post/Notify a Mod: May 7
Masterlist Posted: Mid May

Even if you have read the rules before, read them again, as some things have changed.

How does this work?

Here's what you do:

1. Pick a character, any character.
2. Pick up to four fandoms that you feel comfortable writing in; the fandom your character comes from can't be any of them.

That is all you need to do. What we will do, using highly scientific methods (and by that we mean Wikipedia, our list of characters, and a bag of dice), is pick a character from one of those other fandoms to meet your character in a bar. You will then produce a fanwork from your prompt (see below for guidelines).


Okay. Let's say you sign up. You pick Kara Thrace, and you feel comfortable writing in Dragon Age Inquisition, Mythbusters RPF, Blake's 7, and Man from UNCLE (2015).

I roll the dice, and through my magical methods, decide that the other character is Gaby Teller. So your prompt is, "Kara Thrace goes into a bar and meets Gaby Teller," and you need to produce a fanwork about it.

Further Information Under the Cut! )

I am totally on board! Sign my ass up!

Hot damn! Go directly to this post and sign your ass up!

Please, pass it around! The more the merrier!

I has a question!

Please use the comments of this post to ask! You can also PM a mod for help. Please make sure your journal is set to accept PMs from non-friends, or we may be unable to respond.
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It's about that time, folks! Signups will be opening next week!

In the period leading up to signups, you are welcome to post stories to the comm that you didn't finish in time for any previous round. If you didn't post or contact a mod during the last round and are ineligible for this round, you can become eligible by posting your story during this period!

Also, if you were ineligible for the last round, congratulations! You are eligible again!

Here is the list of users who are ineligible for this round. Please check this list, and if there's an error, contact a mod immediately. Read more... )

Amnesty will be open until the end of signups. Again, please notify a mod as soon as possible if there is an error. Otherwise, get excited!
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Title: Cat Suits and Cool Pants
Author: [ profile] theleaveswant
Prompt: Natasha Romanov goes into a bar and meets Sam Braddock
Fandoms: Flashpoint (TV), MCU
Word count: 1242
Rating/Contents: No standard warnings apply

Cat Suits and Cool Pants
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Hello and welcome to the amnesty round! From now until just before the 2016 round opens (which will be some time in March or April), feel free to post any outstanding entries to the comm. That includes entries from any round that were not posted, as well as bonus fics, if your prompt was just too good to do once!

If you did not finish in the 2015 round and did not notify a mod, you can regain your eligibility for the 2016 round by posting in this period. No need to notify us, even if you defaulted previously; just post and we'll take care of the rest!

Please follow the standard guidelines. As always, remember your warnings statement and don't tag your own posts.

Happy posting!
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All of the entries from our Spring 2015 round, gathered here for your convenience.

Great job, everyone!

Master List, Spring 2015 )
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Title: Reciprocal Trajectory
Author: [personal profile] sprocket
Prompt: Nina Sharp goes into a bar and meets... Trevor Slattery (Iron Man 1-3)!
Fandoms: Fringe, Iron Man (MCU)
Word count: 955
Rating/Contents: PG, no warnings apply
Summary: A fading actor with no artifice, a rising businesswoman with a few secrets up her sleeve.

Los Angeles, 1987 )
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That's all folks! If you put a post in the moderation queue before midnight and it was rejected, please submit it to the comm again. If not, sit back and relax! We'll have the masterlist and information on amnesty in the next few days.
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Title: cruising low, flashing white
Author: [personal profile] kate ([ profile] kisahawklin)
Prompt: Castiel walks into a bar and meets... Tara Cole (Leverage)!
Fandoms: Supernatural, Leverage
Word count: 1585 words
Rating/Contents: General audiences, no warnings needed
Pairings: None
Summary: There is no way those guys are FBI agents, Tara thinks.

cruising low, flashing white


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