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Title: Felicity Knows Everything…At Least Right Now (Arrow/Human Target)
Author: [personal profile] pyroblaze18
Prompt: Felicity Smoak walks into a cafe and meets Guerrero
Fandoms: Arrow (TV 2012), Human Target (TV 2010)
Word count: 1070 words
Rating/Contents: No warnings needed.

Here at AO3
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Title: We few, we happy few
Author: [personal profile] amaresu
Prompt: Charley Pollard walks into a bar and meets... Moira Queen (Arrow)!
Fandoms: Doctor Who (Big Finish), Arrow (2012)
Word count: 734
Rating/Contents: General audiences
Warnings: No general warnings needed. Vague spoilers for the end of S1 of Arrow.

Read at AO3

We few, we happy few )
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Title: The Ways of Hard-Knock School
Author: [personal profile] argentum_ls
Prompt: John Young walks into a bar and meets Oliver Queen.
Fandoms: The Tomorrow People (2013), Arrow
Word count: ~2500
Rating/Contents: PG. No warnings apply. Spoilers for TTP 1x04.
Summary: To lead the Tomorrow People forward, John needs some help to clear the way.

Link to AO3
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Title: Green Axos
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Prompt: The Sixth Doctor walks into a bar and meets... Felicity Smoak!
Fandoms: Doctor Who (1963)/Arrow (TV)
Word count: 1503
Rating/Contents: General Audiences/no warnings needed

Dreamwidth | AO3


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