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Title: POWER BALLAD Or: The Lyons, The Witch, and the Closet
Author: executrix
Prompt: Servalan wonders who invited Cookie Lyon to the party, but of course no one did
Fandoms: Empire (tv), Blake's 7
Word Count: 4,312
Rating/Contents PG-13, no warnings needed. Implied casual sex, swearing.
Summary When Cookie Lyon can't get a starring spot for Jamal in Servalan's legacy concert, she has another idea for promoting his career.

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Title: Subspace Texting
Author: [personal profile] elf; [archiveofourown.org profile] elfwreck
Prompt: Kerr Avon walks into a bar and meets...Captain Kirk!
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Star Trek: The Original Series
Word count: 700
Rating/Warnings: No warnings; G rated.
Summary: Avon and Kirk hook up at a pleasure resort. Afterward, Kirk, either recognizing Avon's computer skills or enamoured of that thing he does with his tongue, tries to convince him to join Starfleet.

Subspace Texting on Dreamwidth, or read just the images on Tumblr.
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Title: Third Time Lucky
Author: executrix
Prompt: Angharad Morgan Evans walks into a bar and meets Olag Gan.
Fandoms: Blake'7, How Green Was My Valley
Word Count: 3,127
Rating/Contents: Teen and Up, No warnings needed.
Pairings: Angharad Morgan Evans/Roj Blake (Merddyn Gryffud)
Summary: A long time ago, Angharad Morgan loved a man. She thinks she has found him again.

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Title: Down The Corridor
Author: [personal profile] sabinetzin
Prompt: Dana walks into a bar and meets... Del Tarrant!
Fandoms: Welcome to Night Vale/Blake's 7
Word count: 1409
Rating/Contents: Gen, no warnings needed.

Read at the AO3
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Title: Stark One
Author: feng_shui_house (aka AnonEhouse on AO3)
Prompt:Tony Stark walks into a bar and meets... Roj Blake (Blake's 7)!
Fandoms:[MCU] [Blake's 7]
Word count: ~7,000 words
Rating/Contents: Gen, no warnings needed.

Summary: Iron Man gets spit out by the wormhole near the end of The Avengers, and winds up involved in Blake's quest to overthrow the Federation. Tony's not keen on terrorism, but he quite likes Blake's computer, Orac.

Note: Point of view alternates from Blake to Tony in fairly even size chunks. Each section is labeled.

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