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Title: A Bunch of Birds
Author: [personal profile] estirose
Prompt: Kei Amakura goes into a bar and meets... Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane!
Fandoms: Fatal Frame (III) and Hatoful Boyfriend
Word count: 584
Rating/Contents: General Audiences. No warnings needed.
Author's notes: Set after the events of both games. Assumes good ending for Kei and Sakuya's full path.

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Title: Mountains Lose
Author: Estirose
Prompt: Miku Hinasaki walks into a bar and meets Adam Newman!
Fandoms: Fatal Frame and The Tomorrow People (1992)
Word count: 798
Rating/Contents: Teen/Mentions of canon suicides and deaths on the Fatal Frame side.
Notes: This makes mention of a family relationship that only shows up in Fatal Frame 5 (mentioned in press materials before game release, but if you're avoiding spoilers for Fatal Frame 5 you should probably avoid this fic).

Mountains Lose [AO3]
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Title: Fly a One-winged Butterfly
Author: [personal profile] estirose
Prompt: Yae Munakata walks into a bar and meets… Wataru Kurenai!
Fandoms: Fatal Frame / Kamen Rider Kiva
Word count: 1174
Rating/Warnings: T for mentions and some description of a canon suicide (and one character is suicidal), along with mentions of canon deaths for both series. Spoiler-wise, this contains spoilers for late Kiva (it's set during 45) and both Fatal Frame I and II.
Characters: Kurenai Wataru, Yae Munakata
Note: Kamen Rider Kiva fandom typically uses Japanese naming order for the characters, Fatal Frame (being translated for a Western audience) does not, even though they both are set in Japan. I chose to stick to the Japanese family name-given name order for both characters in the story for consistency.
Summary: Yae comes to the Mal d'Amour to give some advice. Hopefully it's good.

Fly a One-winged Butterfly


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