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Title: Chance Meetings
Writer (fic): [personal profile] graycardinal[ profile] graycardinal
Reader (podfic):[personal profile] malnpudl[ profile] malnpudl
Prompt: Pepper Potts goes into a bar and meets...Alexis Castle
Fandoms: MCU, Castle
Word count: ~2300
Rating/Contents: G / no warnings needed
Summary: One of the five men in Manhattan most likely to be working for HYDRA has just left a brewpub in Morningside Heights. Now that he's gone, it's time for the story to start....

The story on AO3
The podfic on AO3

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Title: Foreign Spices May Disagree With You
Author: Feng_Shui_house (aka AnonEhouse on AO3)
Prompt: Tony Stark goes into a bar and meets... YoSaffBridge (Firefly)!
Fandoms: Iron Man (MCU), Firefly
Word count: 1711
Rating/Contents: G (no warnings needed)

On AO3.

and the story is also behind the cut here )
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Title:SSSay, Baby, This is Crazy
Author:Feng Shui House (aka AnonEhouse on AO3)
Prompt:Tony Stark goes into a bar and meets... Viper (Kung Fu Panda)!
Fandoms:Iron Man Movies, Kung Fu Panda
Word count: 1079
Rating/Contents: Gen
No Warnings Needed
(also posted on AO3

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Title: Trevor and the Shady Lady
Author: [personal profile] dizmo
Prompt: The Shadowbinder goes into a bar and meets... Trevor Slattery!
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Flight Rising
Word count: 1023
Rating/Contents: G, no warnings needed.

Story here on the AO3.
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Title: Anything You Need or Want
Author: Flora
Prompt: Tony Stark walks into a bar and meets ...Kenya Rosewater
Fandoms: MCU/Iron Man, and Defiance
Word count: 1750
Rating/Contents: PG for a word you can't say on network TV before nine, and for the vague implication that possibly a teenage girl in the world of Defiance shortly after the aliens arrived might be using sex to pay for stuff.

Anything You Need or Want )


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