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Title: No Matter How Far
Author: [personal profile] mareel
Prompt: Commander Shepard goes into a bar and meets... T'Pol.
Fandoms: Mass Effect, Star Trek Enterprise
Word count: 6011
Rating/Contents: Teen, No warnings needed
Pairings & Characters:: Kaidan Alenko/JohnShepard, Jonathan Archer/Malcolm Reed, T'Pol, Samantha Traynor, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Steve Cortez, Garrus Vakarian
Summary: The Normandy's first trip through a repaired mass relay results in an unusual first contact.
Notes: This takes place in 2189, two years after the Reaper War was won (Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, destroy ending). Commander John Shepard is recovering after being found barely alive, and has insisted on returning to duty on the Normandy as the whole galaxy works to rebuild. In the Enterprise 'verse, 2189 is 35 years after the destruction of the Xindi weapon that threatened Earth with annihilation. Jonathan Archer is serving as Federation President, and T'Pol is captaining a science ship.

No Matter How Far – DW AO3
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Title:On the Edge of the Black
Author: Mareel
Prompt: Jonathan Archer walks into a bar and meets... Zoë Washburne.
Fandoms: Star Trek Enterprise & Firefly/Serenity
Word count: 2892
Rating/Contents: PG; Reference to canon character death
Characters, Pairings: Jonathan Archer, Zoë Washburne; Background pairings - Archer/Reed and Zoë/Wash
Notes: This takes place a few months post-"Serenity" in the Firefly 'verse, which is 360 years in Jonathan's future. It specifically references the episodes "Heart of Gold", "Azati Prime" and "E2".

On the Edge of the Black - AO3


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