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Rating PG-13
Characters Whirl, Arlene, Sookie, Andy
Warnings none
Notes Whirl’s holoavatar appears like a bratty little girl. I’ve used the epicene pronouns to hopefully avoid confusion. I’ve avoided ze/zir because I honestly don’t know enough how these more commonly used pronouns are used by actual humans and all of the implications in using them, so in order to not offend anyone, I’ve chosen the kind most often used to describe AIs.

there's a Kool Aid Man reference in here that totally dates me )
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Title: The Question
Author: ultharkitty
Prompt: Mr Morden walks into a bar and meets... Optimus Prime!
Fandoms: Babylon 5, Transformers G1 (1980s cartoon)
Word count: 883
Rating/Warnings: PG, gen, no warnings needed

Mr Morden walks into a bar...
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Title:  Brink and Dreathe
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Raphael walks into a bar and meets... Bumblebee!
TMNT, Transformers
Word count:
R, Everything I write is usually rated R due to language and adult themes, I could probably squeeze this as a PG-13, but to err on the side of caution, I am flat out rating it R. If you sort of stand on one foot, lean to the side,  hold one hand over your eye and squint, you might be able to convince yourself that its Raph/Bee.
Notes: There are no real spoilers here, nothing to really ruin. Since it wasn’t specified I am using the Movie Version of Bumblebee and Raphael is a mix of Comic and Movie verse, if only for the reason that you technically have to be 21 to drink in the US. Also there is a bit of Holo!Bee, but only for convenience, I HATE using the holograms but I am having a hard time figuring out how Bumblebee would fit into a NYC bar (anyone that has been in NYC knows what I mean). Duff’s is an actual bar in NYC.

If there is interest I might continue this.

Duff’s )
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Title: A Visit to Fangtasia
Author: [personal profile] hellkitty 
Prompt: Barricade walks into a bar and meets....Bubba!
Fandoms:  Transformers (movieverse) and Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse novels
Word count: 1792
Rating/Warnings: PG 13 for wanton reference to killing crossing guards and cats.

Barricade needs information--NOT a crooner.


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