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Apologies! I am a 63-year-old Luddite and completely bobbled the posting reqs, although the fic itself was posted to the collection on April 26.

Title: Indistinguishable From Technology
Author: executrix
Prompt: Eliot Waugh walks into a bar and meets...Zoe Washburne!
Fandoms: The Magicians (Lev Grossman), Firefly
Word Count: 4417 Words
Warnings: No warnings apply
Summary: In a (very) AU version of War Stories, Zoe needs a miracle, or at least magic, to rescue Mal and Wash.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6668014
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All the crossovers you didn't know you needed from the Spring 2016 round.

Way to go!

Here there be crossovers... )
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That's all she wrote, folks! The challenge is closed for new entries. We'll be back in a few days with the masterlist and news about amnesty!
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Title: What Dreams May Come
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin
Prompt: Quentin Coldwater walks into a bar and meets... Amanita!
Fandoms: The Magicians, Sense8
Word count: 1278 words
Rating/Contents: Teen, no warnings
Summary: Pre-Magicians, mid-season 1 Sense8. Quentin astral travels to meet Neets in her apartment, somewhere around episodes 6-7 of Sense8.
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You have just about three hours to submit your work!

Please remember to add content notes to your entry; as per the posting guidelines, you must warn if your entry contains major character death, graphic violence, and/or non-con, but you're welcome to add other warnings as you see fit. If your story requires no warnings, write "no warnings apply". This is mandatory and non-negotiable.

Also please note that your entry must be in the community moderation queue by midnight CDT. If you are asked to change something, or if your entry does not appear on the community by midnight, don't worry! All that matters is being in the queue.

Good luck!
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Title: Lost and Found at the Same Time
Author: mizface
Prompt:Blair Sandburg walks into a bar and meets... Carlos the Scientist
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Welcome to Night Vale
Word count: 2362
Rating/Content: G rating. No warnings apply.
Author's Note: Takes place right at the end of the series for Sentinel, and probably a bit after Condos for WtNV.
Summary: Time doesn't work right in Night Vale. Sometimes, that's a good thing.

fic behind the cut )
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Title: Wolfram & Hart
Author: Mierke
Prompt: Rebecca Bunch goes into a bar and meets... Angel (Buffy)!
Fandoms: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Word count: 863
Rating/Contents: G. No warnings needed.

Wolfram & Hart
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Title: And Stories To Tell
Author: [personal profile] laurus_nobilis
Prompt: Clara Oswald goes into a bar and meets... Varric Tethras!
Fandoms: Doctor Who / Dragon Age: Inquisition
Word count: 1343
Rating/Contents: G; no warnings needed
Summary: Clara goes into the Herald's Rest to people-watch, and finds herself watched instead.
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Title: Off With Their Shirts
Author: [personal profile] bring_me_sugar
Prompt: Sam Axe goes into the bar and meets...Galavant!
Fandoms:Burn Notice, Galavant
Word count: 1105
Rating/Contents: PG; Adult content
Summary: When Sam is imprisoned in an enchanted, timeless, shirtless gay bar, he meets the bartender - who's just as excited to escape his luckless lot as Sam is.

Under Here )
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Title: A Safe Haven
Author: blackrose_17
Prompt: Ianto Jones walks into a bar and meets Tony Stark
Fandoms: Torchwood, The Avengers(MCU) and slight Agents of Shield
Word count: 3066
Rating/Contents:PG, mentions of past Jack/Ianto, pre-Phil/Tony and Trip/Tosh, set during the Age of Ultron, characters who should be dead are still alive

 Ianto Jones has been trying to keep a low profile ever since he returned from the dead but a promise to his father and what he has seen in from the Rift has him breaking that vow. Tony Stark isn't sure what to make of the man he met in a bar one night but when the fallout from Ultron begins he and the rest of the Avengers are grateful for a safe haven.
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Title: Target Practice. Or, Missing the Mark
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Prompt: Finn goes into a bar and meets... Sinbad (Sinbad 2012)!
Fandoms: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sinbad (2012)
Word count: 1000
Rating/Contents: G, no archive warnings apply.
Summary: Finn needs to work on his undercover skills.
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Title: The Bartender
Author: [personal profile] alchemise
Prompt: John Constantine goes into a bar and meets Steve Rogers.
Fandoms: Constantine (TV), MCU
Word count: 1151
Rating/Contents: Teen; no warnings needed
Summary: "She’ll admit, however, that she totally called her brother to brag the first time she served Captain America a drink. But after that, even superheroes became ordinary."

Read on AO3
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Title: Outpost
Author: [personal profile] rivulet027
Prompt:Mick Rory walks into a bar and meets Dillon.
Fandoms:The Flash/DC Legends of Tomorrow, Power Rangers RPM
Word count: 1042
Rating/Contents: Teen for life after the apocalypse.

Outpost: )
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Hello everyone! You have two days before the big deadline! You must post your entry or notify a mod before 11:59PM CDT, May 7 or be ineligible for next year's round.

As you might have noticed, we're a bit behind in answering comments. Rest assured that if you commented to tell us you were dropping out, we have your names recorded. You are fine even if you don't hear back from us!

If you have dropped out, that's okay! We will be opening up the community for late entries at some point later this month.

Go go go!
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Title: A Lot, Man
Author: [personal profile] saint_newt
Prompt: Karen Page goes into a bar and meets Carl Grimes.
Fandoms: Daredevil, The Walking Dead
Word Count: 1,913
Ratings/Contents: T, no warnings needed
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Title: spirits in my head (and they won't go)
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] gamerfic
Prompt: Solas goes into a bar and meets... Mal Reynolds!
Fandoms: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Firefly
Word count: 4,281
Rating/Contents: Teen and up audiences; no warnings needed.
Summary: Solas meets a stranger who has become trapped within the Fade. The two of them have more in common than Solas wants to admit.

Read on AO3
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Title: A Small, Strange Man
Author: [personal profile] lovechilde
Prompt: Lucifer walks into a bar and meets Mozzie (except it's sort of the other way around)
Fandoms: Lucifer (TV), White Collar
Word count: 1676
Rating/Contents: G, no warnings needed
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Title: A Hospital Ghost Story
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ArgylePirateWD
Prompt: Henry Morgan goes into a bar and meets... Jesse Sallander (Code Black)!
Fandoms: Forever, Code Black
Word count: 1256
Rating/Contents: Teen & Up / Discusses canon-typical temporary major character death

On AO3
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Title: Strike
Author: [personal profile] asra
Prompt: James Norrington walks into a bar and meets... Alex Krycek.
Fandoms: Pirates of the Caribbean, The X-Files
Word count: 661
Rating/Contents: G; no warnings needed
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Title: Shiftless Tony Stark
Author: Feng_Shui_House (also AnonEhouse on AO3)
Prompt: Tony Stark goes into a bar and meets... Navarre (Ladyhawke)!
Fandoms: MCU IronMan movies, Ladyhawke (1985 movie)
Word count: 1,754
Rating/Contents: Gen (no warnings needed)

Takes place after Marvel's Civil War, but since I've only seen the first two trailers, it really doesn't spoiler you (there's a brief mention of a character in the trailer who's making their first appearance in the Marvel Verse, that's about it.)

Tony Stark in his natural habitat, a bar )


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