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We are looking for one new mod for intoabar!

Seeing as how we are all clearly very bad at masterlists, we are looking for a masterlist mod! The only thing you'll be responsible for is compiling the (long overdue) Fall '14 and Spring '15 masterlists. You won't be required to answer questions, handle signups, or work on tagging during the round. The masterlist generally takes a few hours to compile, but you can stretch it out over the course of the round.

Special one time offer! If you are presently ineligible because you didn't post or notify a mod by the end of the Fall '14 round, you will be given instant amnesty if you sign on as the masterlist mod!

Please comment if interested; comments are screened for your convenience. Preference will be given to people who have modded challenges before and people who need amnesty for the Spring '15 round. The Spring '15 masterlist will need to be completed in mid-May.

Join today!

ETA: We have filled the position. Thanks to everybody who volunteered!
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We've had a great turnout for signups so far, but who doesn't need a little flashy advertising? Here are some banners for your use, as you gleefully spread the word!

For last round's banners, you can look over here. We encourage you to make your own banners and share them in the comments, especially those of you who are not as bad at graphics as I am!

Banners! )
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Remember to get those sign ups in! Sign ups close at 11:59 PM CST, just over ten hours from now. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your dog!
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We have over 100 people signed up for our challenge! \o\\o//o/

But surely you know someone who hasn't signed up yet and should! And you are thinking to yourself, "But mods, how can I get the word out?" Never fear! For you we have banners!

Many images behind the cut )

If you have any banners to contribute, please leave them in the comments!


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