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Title: Nemesis
Author: [personal profile] kerithwyn
Prompt: Joan Watson goes into a bar park and meets...Barbara Gordon!
Fandoms: Elementary, DCU
Word count: 1,427 words
Rating/Contents: T, no warnings needed
Summary: Joan seeks advice on a genre-specific problem. Set after Elementary 3x14, “The Female of the Species.”

AO3 | Dreamwidth

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(This challenge is awesomesauce. I never write this fast.)

Title: Extrema Remedia
Author: [personal profile] kerithwyn
Prompt: Alternate Lincoln Lee walks into a bar and meets...Oracle!
Fandoms: Fringe, Nightwing
Word count: ~1280
Rating/Warnings: no warnings needed
Summary: Oracle is accustomed to receiving cries for help. This one's just from a little farther out.
Notes: Written for the Into a Bar challenge. Takes place in my beloved DCU, the one that no longer exists.

Extrema Remedia

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Title: Two Birds in a Bar
Author: [personal profile] elf ([ profile] elfwreck)
Prompt: Tim Drake walks into a bar and meets... Minerva McGonagall
Fandoms: DCU (Batman comics); Harry Potter
Word count: ~1600
Rating/Warnings: General Audiences. No warnings.

A/N: HP timeline: Post-war; Batverse timeline: Post-NML, pre-BftC.
Summary: "At least that's a proper boy's name. Not like that Bat fellow."

Gotham had two types of bars that Robin could enter )
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Title: Dark Waltz
Author: [ profile] skund / [personal profile] skund 
Prompt: Midnighter walks into a bar and meets Helena Bertinelli.
Fandoms: The Authority, DCU
Word count: 1,127
Rating/Warnings: M15+/Depictions of violence, mention of adult themes.

Dark Waltz


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