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May. 9th, 2015 04:18 pm
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Title: The Trade
Author: Wolfshark
Prompt: Peter Quill walks into a bar and meets... Radek Zelenka
Fandoms: Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU) & Stargate Atlantis
Word count: 5386
Rating/Contents: G (no Warnings apply)
Pairings: none
Summary: Taneleer Tivan collects EVERYTHING. But he hasn't managed to get his hands on a ZPM yet. So he sends Peter Quill.

AO3 | DW | LJ
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Title: Intervention
Rodney McKay goes into a bar and meets... Alfredo Llamosa (Elementary)!
Stargate Atlantis, Elementary
Word count:
Teen. No mandatory warnings needed. Spoilery warning – highlight to read: Deals with drug addiction.
Pairings: Gen
Atlantis is grounded and Rodney's not finding it easy, cooling his heels in San Francisco.
For SGA fans who're a bit vague about Elementary – if you can't recall who Alfredo Llamosa is in Elementary, highlight this mildly spoilery bit to read: Sherlock's NA sponsor in New York – a recovering addict himself and prior car-thief, now paid by car companies to test security systems. Becomes Sherlock's friend and helps him and Joan Watson practice bypassing car alarms.
Link to story: here on AO3

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Title: The Sixth Friend
Author: [ profile] pipisafoat
Prompt: Luna Lovegood walks into a bar and meets... Teyla Emmagan!
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis
Word count: 1731
Rating: Teen & Up
Content note: Mentions of threatened non-consensual sexual activity, not explicit.

"Your father must be worried about you. How did you end up down there?" Teyla gestures towards the street they escaped, and Luna frowns as she tries to figure out exactly what happened. She was going into the Three Broomsticks, and instead...

"I guess I must have stepped through a portal."

The Sixth Friend @ AO3!
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Title: A Bar in Colorado
Author: [personal profile] wolfshark
Prompt:Tony Stark walks into a bar and meets... Peter Kavanagh
Fandoms: Avengers/Stargate Atlantis
Word count: 951
Rating/Contents: Gen, no pairing, no warnings necessary

DW | LJ | AO3
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Title: Curly Fries and Other Little Obscenities
Author: [personal profile] taliahale
Prompt: Stiles Stilinski walked into a bar and meets…Aiden Ford.
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV), Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1
Word Count: 2068
Ratings/Warnings: Gen, No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Aiden Ford, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Pairings: Aiden Ford/Laura Cadman, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Summary: Stiles is wandering the corridors of Stargate Command in search of caffeine and calories when he meets Major Ford.
Author’s Note: Thanks to my mifus for all the encouragement. Unfortunately, there is no actual bar in this story.

Canon compliant with Teen Wolf through 3a, though the accelerated education is farfetched enough that you can disregard that if you prefer. Aiden’s storyline diverges from SG:A canon pre-series. His grandmother fell ill and he never joined the original expedition. He’s a team leader at the SGC and his life has been all puppies and rainbows and Cadman instead of Wraith enzyme-induced psychosis and life on the lam. McShep because I seriously can't help myself.

Available on LJ, DW, or AO3.
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Title: Whiskey In Mind
Author: sian1359
Prompt: Raylan Givens walks into a bar and meets... Jennifer Keller!
Justified; Stargate Atlantis
Word Count:
Teen plus; no warnings apply
Title from a song by Kane

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Title: Busted on AO3    Busted on DW    Busted on LJ
Author: [personal profile] mific 
Prompt: Ronon Dex walks into a bar and meets... Tory Belleci!
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis and Mythbusters
Word count: 1270
Rating/Contents: T (swearing). Gen. No warnings needed.
Summary: Ronon has too many fruity drinks. And fuck the SGC, anyway.

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Title: Heroes Are Hell On The Décor
Author: [personal profile] tielan
Prompt: Maria Hill walks into a bar and meets...Steven Caldwell!
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stargate Atlantis
Word count: 820
Rating/Contents: No standard warnings apply
Summary/Notes: In any universe, heroes are generally a messy business; especially when you're cleaning up after them.

At AO3
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Title: Thin as Tin Foil
Author: [personal profile] tassosss 
Prompt: Ronon Dex walks into a bar and meets ... Adelai Niska!
Fandoms: SGA and Firefly. No spoilers.
Wordcount: 1318
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.

Ronon Dex walks into a bar...

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Title: The Warmth of Winter
Author: [personal profile] colls
Prompt: Evan Lorne walks into a bar and meets.... Athena!
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica
Word count: 3,278
Rating/Warnings: G, no warnings apply
Summary/Notes: Evan Lorne is marooned on a strange planet. The same one Sharon "Athena" Agathon crash landed on with her Raptor. Will they ever see their friends and family again?

The Warmth of Winter @ AO3
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Title: Winter Stars
Author: LastScorpion
Prompt: Lucien LaCroix walks into a bar and meets... Jennifer Keller!
Fandoms: Forever Knight x Stargate Atlantis
Word count: 1656
Rating/Warnings: PG for some violence
Read more... )
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Title: Award Ceremonies are Dangerous Things
Author: [personal profile] wolfshark
Prompt: John Sheppard walks into a bar and meets... Constable Benton Fraser!
Fandoms: Stargate: Atlantis and due South
Word count: 1057
Rating/Warnings: PG, no warnings

Award Ceremonies are Dangerous Things )


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