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Title: A Small, Strange Man
Author: [personal profile] lovechilde
Prompt: Lucifer walks into a bar and meets Mozzie (except it's sort of the other way around)
Fandoms: Lucifer (TV), White Collar
Word count: 1676
Rating/Contents: G, no warnings needed
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Title: Headhunting
Author: [personal profile] china_shop
Prompt: Sam Wilson walks into a bar and meets... Sara Ellis!
Fandoms: Captain America (MCU), White Collar
Word count: 1391 words
Rating/Contents: G rated, gen, no warnings needed.
Summary: He smiled and raised his eyebrows, silently inviting her to relax and make small talk. Gestured to the rest of the bar with his bottle. "Why do I get the feeling this is not your scene?"
"Because you have eyes," said Sara. "Who are you?"

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Title: Chance Meeting
Author: Florahart
Prompt: Charlie Brown walks into a bar and meets...Elizabeth Burke
Fandoms: Peanuts, White Collar
Word count: ~2000
Rating/Warnings: no warnings, gen.
Notes: While there is no direct spoiler, this is after the thing that happened at the very end of the White Collar season that recently ended, and it's on Elizabeth's mind. I'm not sure it's possible to spoil Peanuts, but there are no adults in the canon on which to draw, so this the the guy Charlie Brown might have grown up to be. Had I assumed he aged from the child he was in the year Schultz first started drawing him, he'd be drawing Social Security now, but he was a child for a long time, so I made him approximately contemporary to Elizabeth.

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