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Title: A Chance Meeting
Author: pulangaraw(wihluta)
Prompt: Amanda Darieux(Montrose) goes into a bar and meets... Natasha Romanov (Avengers (MCU))
Fandoms: Highlander, Avengers (MCU)
Word count/: comic (no words)
Warnings: no warnings, last image is NSFW

Summary: Amanda Darieux walks into Sanctuary (her club) one evening, just to check up on things. What follows was not planned, but that doesn't mean didn't enjoy it. Natasha, for her part, had a great time.

A Chance Meeting )

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Title: Open Mike Night at the Red Pony
Author: mackiedockie
Prompt: Joe Dawson walks into a bar and meets...Walt Longmire!
Fandoms: Highlander(Series) and Longmire
Word count: 2100
Rating/Contents: Gen
Warnings: No warnings apply
Characters: Joe Dawson, Walt Longmire, Henry Standing Bear

Summary: There’s a stranger in town.

DW Link
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Title: I Was So Much Older Then...
Author: [personal profile] mackiedockie
Prompt: Joe Dawson walks into a bar and meets... Kenya!
Fandoms: Highlander, Defiance
Word count: (9040)
Rating/Contents: Mature -- Canon typical violence for both fandoms.

Notes: If you are unfamiliar with Joe Dawson, here is a Highlander character wiki. Defiance is in current production as of late June 2013, the story includes references to but no significant spoilers through episode ten. Contents could be Jossed at any time. Details about the NeedWant bar and brothel and other Defiance characters can be found here.
A/N: Many, many thanks again to [personal profile] adabsolutely and [personal profile] dragonfly for their Beyond The Last Minute Beta work. I owe you a few rounds of the NeedWant's finest.

Summary: The decades of war with the Votan colonization fleet and the Arkfall terraform disaster changed the world. It also changed Joe Dawson into something that hales from far beyond the pale.

AO3 Link

I Was So Much Older Then )
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Title: Come in from the Cold
Author: [personal profile] killabeez
Prompt: Sam Winchester walks into a bar and meets... Duncan MacLeod!
Fandoms: Supernatural, Highlander
Word count: ~4,900
Rating/Contents: PG-13, slashy overtones, past Sam/Dean implied, no warnings
Spoilers: Minor for the end of SPN S8
A/N: Thank you so much to [personal profile] dragonfly and [livejournal.com profile] harrigan for the super-speedy beta! You guys are the best.

Read it at AO3 | Read it on Dreamwidth
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Title: Come Into My Parlor ...
Author: Dragonfly
Prompt: Henry Fitzroy walks into a bar and meets ... Amanda Darieux!
Fandoms: Blood Ties and Highlander
Word count: 2000
Rating/Contents: Gen
No Warnings Needed
Disclaimer: I own no rights to Blood Ties or to any Highlander franchise.

Come Into My Parlor ... )
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Title: Comes a Horseman…
Author: A Lanart
Prompt: Methos walks into a bar and meets Susan Sto Helit
Fandoms: Highlander: the Series, Discworld
Word count: 870
Rating/Warnings: G – no warnings required

Comes A Horseman


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