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Title: Quarry
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Prompt/Summary: Emma Swan walks into a bar and meets...Vic! Unsurprisingly, there was a detour.
Fandoms: Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black, Fringe
Word count: 2377
Rating/Warnings: no warnings needed

Quarry on AO3 or DW

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Title: Widdershins and Whiskey
Author: [personal profile] elfin
Prompt: Olivia Dunham walks into a bar and meets... Bo Dennis!
Fandoms: Fringe, Lost Girl
Word count: 1010 words
Rating/Contents: Gen, no warnings needed

Widdershins and Whiskey on AO3
Widdershins and Whiskey on DW
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(This challenge is awesomesauce. I never write this fast.)

Title: Extrema Remedia
Author: [personal profile] kerithwyn
Prompt: Alternate Lincoln Lee walks into a bar and meets...Oracle!
Fandoms: Fringe, Nightwing
Word count: ~1280
Rating/Warnings: no warnings needed
Summary: Oracle is accustomed to receiving cries for help. This one's just from a little farther out.
Notes: Written for the Into a Bar challenge. Takes place in my beloved DCU, the one that no longer exists.

Extrema Remedia

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Title: A Knight in Plainsclothes
Prompt: Nick Lane walks into a bar and meets... Javier Esposito!
Fandoms: Castle, Fringe
Word count: 953
Rating/Warnings: PG13, no warnings
Summary: Nick Lane remains somewhat on call for the good detectives of the 12th.
Author's Note: Back again! And it was not easy to write, hm, so rusty in these fandoms. Link leads to LiveJournal. Set between seasons 2 and 3. White Knight EU. Spoilers through all relevant seasons. Beta courtesy of [profile] geepees.
Disclaimer: Standard.

( It was all body language, not empathy, that told Nick the man waiting for his arrival was in a particularly dark mood. )


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